Serving with purpose

We are united by a purpose that weaves together what we value and how we do business and deliver results for the clients, colleagues and communities we serve.

Prioritizing talent and career growth

A talent-driven company is, by definition, an inclusive one. We’re committed to creating a workplace where employees feel like they belong.

See impact in action


One Entrepreneur Helping to Revitalize Detroit

How 澳博官方网站app is helping small business owner and local developer Marcus Jones revitalize his neighborhood and develop Detroit’s workforce for the city’s next chapter.  



Training for the Future of Work

Companies are investing in strategic skills training and workforce initiatives to find, 吸引, and train young people for the jobs of tomorrow, starting as early as high school.



Pierce Murray is one of 18,000 veterans bringing their military skills to 澳博官方网站app

Over the last decade, 澳博官方网站app has focused on supporting the military community and their families. Through their Military & 退伍军人事务部, they support former service members in their transition to the workforce with professional development programs, personal mentorship and more.

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Expanding Employment and Opportunity in Baltimore

A new virtual call center—inspired by a similar model in Detroit—is creating jobs and helping employees start their career journeys with 澳博官方网站app.


Our 2023 年度报告

Our latest report and letters to shareholders, released April 2024.


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